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Curse of the Conquistador's Gold


A Halloween Themed Escape Room!


In 1776 a Spanish Conquistador stole gold from a nearby mission and buried it in the banks of the Rio Hondo for safe keeping. However, soon after the skies opened up and a dark cold rain poured from the skies. The river flooded, wiping out the mission, the nearby village of Shevaanga, and killing hundreds, including the Spanish Conquistador. The gold was never found.


For over 200 years people have tried to find the Conquistador's gold, without success. Many would-be treasure hunters claimed to have seen a ghostly apparition in the form of the Conquistador roaming the banks of the Rio Hondo guarding it's gold. The river bank is known for frequent paranormal sightings, such as inexplicable fog appearing and disappearing and a woman dressed in black crying by the river who vanishes into thin air when approached.


In 2014, a reclusive and secretive treasure hunter from Montebello who had spent a life time finding clues to the whereabouts of the lost gold and collecting them in a warehouse went missing. A year later the local police have begun intercepting pings from the missing treasure hunter's cell phone coming from within the warehouse! 


You are part of a special investigations team hired to find the cellphone, figure out what happened to the lost treasure hunter, and maybe even find the Conquistador's Lost Gold! But beware! If you don't find it within the hour, the ghost of the Conquistador will find you and curse you for trying to steal his gold, locking you away forever!



You will have 45 minutes to solve a series of riddles and puzzles in this Halloween themed escape room. Minors are welcome with adult supervision, but be warned that this experience may be too intense for younger participants. Best suited for ages 16+.

Please arrive 15 minutes PRIOR to your start time. Due to the nature of the game, late arrivals may not be allowed entrance.

Fridays and Saturdays


October 16-31st

Hourly games:

7pm, 8pm, 9pm, 10pm, 11pm



Circle Squared Collective

2410 W. Whittier Blvd.

Montebello, CA. 90640


Ticket sales have ended.

Check out footage from actual gameplay experience! Will you be able to solve the mystery?

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