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"Town Hall" Forum

Revitalization of the Arts in Montebello

The Circle Squared Collective is proud to host a public forum for candidates running for Montebello City Council. All the candidates running have been invited to speak on the subject of how they will help to reviatlize the arts in Montebello. The public will then have the opportunity to ask questions of the candidates in regards to the topic.


Confirmed Candidates Attending:


Kimberly Ann Cobos

Mayor Jack Hadjinian

Michael W. Samarin-Popoff

Vanessa Delgado

Randolph Smith


This list will be updated as candidates confirm attendance. Those candidates unable to attend have been asked to submit a written statement which will be read in lieu of their attendance.



Circle Squared Collective

               2410 W. Whittier Blvd

               Montebello, Ca 90042


October 8th, 2015




To RSVP attendance, please click above.

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